Welcome to Steripic

Steripic Manufacturers SA was established in 1990, and has since become the market leader in quality toothpicks in South Africa.

High quality toothpicks

Steripic toothpicks are made of Grade A white Birchwood and are the only wrapped toothpicks on the South African market that are sterilized and irradiated. Our toothpicks are wrapped in high quality polypropylene for both our wrapped plain and wrapped mint toothpicks.

Branded and generic toothpicks

Steripic manufactures and supplies personally branded toothpicks in South Africa. We also manufacture many generic ranges of toothpicks specifically packed to clients requirements, whether the request is for sterilized or flavoured toothpicks. Our toothpicks are the only toothpicks available that are approved by the Halaal and Beth Din authorities and are available in eco friendly packaging.

Steripic toothpick offerings:

• branded toothpicks
• wrapped toothpicks
• clear (cello) wrapped toothpicks
• loose toothpicks
• retail pack toothpicks (available in both plain and mint flavours)