Steripic Products

Steripic products are packaged to service both the retail and catering markets.

The boxes or individual toothpick wrappers can be printed according to the client´s specifications with their specific brand names or logos.

Other products that Steripic supplies are:

• skewers
• meat flags
• wooden stirrers
• wooden cutlery
• parasols
• plastic cutlery
• flow wraps

Steripic Skewers
Skewers are an essential must for meat lovers. They are used in the making of kebabs or for holding any other combination of meat/s or vegetables together for grilling and cooking purposes. Cocktail skewers are also available to make party snacks when entertaining. Our skewers are available in various sizes and are sterilised to ensure the highest quality product.

Meat Flags
Steripic Meat Flags
Meat flags are the perfect way to differentiate various preparations of meat, especially in a restaurant/catering environment. We supply the following meat flag descriptions: rare, medium to rare, medium, medium to well done and well done.

Wooden Stirrers
Steripic Wooden Stirrers
Perfect for the hot beverage drinker on the go! We supply various wooden stirrers to facilitate the drinking of hot beverages. Our stirrers are manufactured to ensure the highest quality product.

Steripic Parasols
Perfect for any party! These miniature umbrella decorations are a wonderful way to brighten up a food or drink presentation.

Wooden Cutlery
Steripic Wooden Cutlery
Wooden cutlery is a great option for those environmentally conscious consumers. We supply all items of cutlery used in the food consumption process. All of our wooden cutlery is 100% biodegradable and combustible.

Plastic Cutlery
Steripic Plastic Cutlery
We supply all items of cutlery in various grades of high quality plastic. Our cutlery is available in white, black or any other specific colour that a client may desire.

Flow Wraps
Steripic Flow Wraps
In addition to the supply of the above, Steripic manufactures cutlery packs supplied to airlines as well as catering companies and wholesalers. We pack all cutlery packs specific to the client´s requirements. Contents can range from a single item of cutlery to a complete meal pack with all necessary pieces to enjoy your meal. In addition to this we can also personalise the packaging according to the client´s specifications.

**all products listed above are approved by both the Halaal and Beth Din authorities